How to Protect Yourself Against Ticks

Although summer is one of the best seasons of the year, ticks can make it less enjoyable. Ticks are blood-sucking pests that hide in bushes and weeds/grass. They jump on pets, animals, and humans and attach themselves to the skin. Most people cannot feel the tick attach itself until it begins to itch, which can take days. If you want to enjoy the summer without the threat that ticks bring, the following tips make it easier to do just that summer.

Landscaping is Important

When your grass is well manicured and the lawn landscaped, ticks won’t have any place to hide. This eliminates the risks they’ll come out and jump on you as you walk by or when the kids are outside playing. You also add curb appeal to the property when it is well maintained on the outside.

Wear a Repellent

Many pest repellents are sold at retailers and online for a few bucks. Apply them before heading outside to keep ticks and other pests like mosquitos away from your body and keep you out of the line of harm. Choose a DEET repellent and reapply it every few hours when you are outside for extended periods.

Wear Long Sleeved Shirts and Other Protective Clothing

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Although wearing long sleeves on a hot summer day may be the last thing that you want to do, it is a great way to ensure ticks do not attach themselves to your skin and become a threat. Long pans and hats also further protect you against tick threats.

Professional Pest Control

Be sure to hire professional pest control experts to help safeguard the home against ticks. You can implement tick control greer at your home for added protection and peace of mind against this pest.